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NZ Reviewed Books:

Feel a little

Feel a little: Little poems about big feelings by Jenny Palmer

"Feel a little" is a bright new book by Jenny Palmer and Evie Kemp encouraging a stronger understanding of emotions from an early age. It isn't just a super cute book, it's a whole toolbox for starting conversations about emotions from a young age. Read Amanda Schulze's review here.


Promised land by Adam Reynolds and Chaz Harris 

Promised land is an LGBTQIA+ themed children's book written by Adam Reynolds & Chaz Harris with illustrations by Christine Luiten. Read Demi Cox's review here.


Maia and the worry bug [Māia rāua ko te ngārara pāwera] by Julie Burgess-Manning and Jenny Cooper 

'Maia and the worry bug' is a story and resource book to help families experiencing mild to moderate anxiety manage their worries and understand anxiety better. Read Kate Cherven's review here.


Ace, a horsey tail of courage by Katy Clook 

‘Ace,  a horsey tail of courage’ is an anti bullying story book for children. The story follows the life of a horse who despite being bullied ends up achieving his long held dreams and goals. We love everything about this well illustrated, thought provoking book. Read Vivienne Martini's review here.

kiwicorn cover 

Kiwicorn by Kat Merewether

Kiwicorn is a cute and funny story about being unique. Gorgeous illustrations and writing, help children to understand their emotions and to open a light-hearted dialogue about diversity. Read Amanda Schulze's review here.

Release the best cover 2

Release the beast by Romy Sai Zunde

Release the Beast is a fun and quirky picture book which allows a child to respond to his frustrations by unleashing his imaginary beast. Examining the emotion of anger in a positive and humorous way that children will relate to, Release the Beast serves as an entry point to begin the discussion with children about dealing with the everyday frustrations of life.  Written by Romy Sai Zunde with unique illustrations by celebrated New Zealand artist Cinzah Merkens. Read Michelle Dendale's review here.

Just breathe cover

Just breathe: A mindfulness adventure by Jen Sievers

Just Breathe is a picture book written for children aged around 3-8 years old. It tells a story that takes children (and parents) through a simple and engaging mindfulness exercise. This introduced a wonderful way of dealing with difficult emotions and preventing anxiety.  Read Charmaine Denney's review here.

The chill out chair cover
The ‘Chair’ Series: The Chill Out and The Goodbye Chair written by Josephine Carson Barr and Illustrated by Simon Barr 

The Chill Out Chair is the second book in the Nicholas story series. We learn how the Calm Down Chair got its new name, the Chill Out Chair. We join Nicholas and his friend the whale on an adventure saving the baby animals from the sea monster. This book also includes some Te Reo and New Zealand Sign Language. Read Anna Mowat's review here.

 Moth jpeg


Moth is a picture book about friendship and belonging, and how it feels when you don't fit in. It aims to help children to better understand social anxiety and introversion in a safe and relatable way.  Children and adults will enjoy spotting the different plants and animals endemic to New Zealand, including kowhai, weta and kiwi. Read Kelly Christophersen and Anna Mowat's reviews here.




“Kōrero Mai, Kōrero Atu, Mauri Tū, Mauri Ora – Speak Up, Stand Together, Stop Bullying!”