Good Reads – ECE / Primary (NZ books)

NZ Reviewed Books:

Feel a little

Feel a little: Little poems about big feelings by Jenny Palmer

"Feel a little" is a bright new book by Jenny Palmer and Evie Kemp encouraging a stronger understanding of emotions from an early age. It isn't just a super cute book, it's a whole toolbox for starting conversations about emotions from a young age. Read Amanda Schulze's review here.


Promised land by Adam Reynolds and Chaz Harris 

Promised land is an LGBTQIA+ themed children's book written by Adam Reynolds & Chaz Harris with illustrations by Christine Luiten. Read Demi Cox's review here.


Maia and the worry bug [Māia rāua ko te ngārara pāwera] by Julie Burgess-Manning and Jenny Cooper 

'Maia and the worry bug' is a story and resource book to help families experiencing mild to moderate anxiety manage their worries and understand anxiety better. Read Kate Cherven's review here.


Ace, a horsey tail of courage by Katy Clook 

‘Ace,  a horsey tail of courage’ is an anti bullying story book for children. The story follows the life of a horse who despite being bullied ends up achieving his long held dreams and goals. We love everything about this well illustrated, thought provoking book. Read Vivienne Martini's review here.




“Being a part of a national movement towards positive change is such a powerful feeling. That we are all working towards making young people feel good about who they are, right across New Zealand.”

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