Review by Kiefer Hunt

My anxiety handbook: A guide for getting back on track by Bridie Gallagher, Phoebe McEwen, and Sue Knowles

My Anxiety Handbook is a good book for teens living with anxiety. It uses easy to understand, informative language, diagrams, and the occasional illustration. Most of the chapters are broken into smaller paragraphs, and step by step guides are clearly labelled. The clear format works perfectly for my logical brain.

The book itself is a collection of explanations and tips for living with anxiety. I have started implementing a lot of the suggested actions in my life; some help and some don’t, and the book acknowledges that that’s okay, which made me feel a lot better. I’m a bit skeptical about mindfulness, but the way this book described it finally made sense to me and I’m going to finally give it a chance! 

One important aspect the book discussed was asking for more help. It did not only say that you should do so, but it gave you ideas of how you can, which I think is a really important approach.

At first the simple language irked me, and it might irk some other people, but as I kept reading I realised it was part of the charm. If I’m reading something to help my anxiety I don’t want big words, scientific names and definitions, or anything that makes me feel overwhelmed. It also means people of all ages will find it easy to understand.

My only other pet peeve was the way they reference other chapters in the book quite frequently. I can understand why, but when you’re reading it in a linear fashion it can be a bit weird!

Overall I believe this was a very good book. The tips were super helpful and have already started helping me cope with anxiety, and I’m excited to implement mindfulness into my life.

I would recommend this book for teens who want a chill, simple book to provide them with tools to deal with their anxiety.


Reviewed by Kiefer Hunt, Tawa College




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