Standing up against racist bullying

Racist bullying is a problem in Aotearoa. Many of us like to think of New Zealand as a progressive, kind and inclusive nation, but to truly achieve that we need to reject racism wherever and whenever it occurs.

Many Asian people have experienced racist bullying and discrimination in New Zealand. Over 16% of Asian people in a recent survey had experienced racist discrimination during COVID-19.

This video shares some real-life experiences Asian people have faced here. These racist words have stayed with them long after they have been spoken, and have made them feel stressed, anxious and alone.

On Pink Shirt Day and beyond, we’re asking you to stand with our Asian whānau and speak up when you see or hear someone being bullied or discriminated against. Stand with them, offer your support and let them know they’re not alone.


Want to know more? Read about Liang’s experiences – or see our Upstander tips for more ways you can challenge bullying and help to build a more inclusive Aotearoa.


“Kōrero Mai, Kōrero Atu, Mauri Tū, Mauri Ora – Speak Up, Stand Together, Stop Bullying!”