Kick Depression

Review by Meg Rogers, Saint Hilda's Collegiate School

Jack Stack (2017). Self-published, NZ

Kick Depression is a free e-book created by Jack Stack which addresses depression and a few ways to help combat it. Several years before Stack wrote Kick Depression he was diagnosed with depression. He has since recovered and improved his lifestyle, continuing to use methods that helped him battle depression.

Using language familiar to kids and breaking each sub-category down, Kick Depression is the ultimate guide for kids to start learning ways to live with, or overcome, depression. It also includes a section for friends and family of those with depression and how they can help.

Because of its short length, this book doesn’t take long to read. All evidence in the e-book is backed up with links to articles used to develop this information, meaning you can read it knowing that everything is factual and correct.

Regardless of whether you have depression, this is an e-book worth taking the time to read as it will leave you with skills that can be incorporated into daily life.

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