It gets better: Coming out, overcoming bullying and creating a life worth living

Review by Karen, Health Teacher

Dan Savage & Terry Miller. (2016). Penguin Books, US

It Gets Better is a great compilation of stories about coming out. There is a wide variety of contributors to the book - we hear from people from all different backgrounds, ethnicities and genders, offering a range of diverse perspectives and lived experiences.

This book would be a great resource for Health teachers to help students understand sexuality and socioecological perspectives. It would work for both individuals and in group settings as a start point for discussion, particularly in unpacking the different stories and examining their strategies for resilience. It highlights that no matter what race, religion, or ethnicity you are, or how much privilege you are born with or not, no one is immune to bigotry and cruel interactions. We all at times experience the same feelings of despair when we feel isolated and alone, and we rely on the kindness, empathy, understanding and support of others to help us on the journey to discover who we really are.


The Mental Health Foundation’s Information Service brings you reviews this Pink Shirt Day on books with bullying prevention themes.

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