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Pink Shirt Day is all about action – small actions leading to larger actions that create positive change where we live, work and play. Get active and choose a few actions from the ideas below and you’ll help make your school, workplace and community fairer, more welcoming and inclusive for all, and free from bullying.

You can find these and many more ideas and inspiration in our toolkits, plus a range of fact sheets, to help you make the most of your Pink Shirt Day.

Tip: Achieving real change is more likely when you organise a range of actions that support and reinforce each other, in a coordinated way.

Hold a Pink Shirt day event


An event is a great way to get the whole school, workplace or community involved in Pink Shirt Day. Order your free Pink Shirt Day Event Pack with posters, balloons, pens and stickers!

Pledge your support


Create a pledge where everyone (students, employees, community members, parents, teachers) can add their name and commitment to creating a bullying-free environment. Display it and share it!

Celebrate our Rainbow communities


Chalk or paint rainbows on the footpath or have rainbow stickers/flags to show your school or organisation is safe, welcoming and respectful of people who identify as LGBTI, their families and whānau.

Sea of pink

SeaofPinkPinkShirt413 Rosehill

Going pink on Friday, 26 May shows your organisation is committed to stopping bullying. Purchase your own official Pink Shirt Day ’17 tees from Mr Vintage or tie-dye your own! If you can’t wear pink, order free stickers for people to wear their support. 

Proud to be...


Help people express themselves and what they’re most proud of. Use a white board or paper and markers. Make it part of a Pink Photo Booth. Display the photos or share online with #pinkshirtdaynz

Compliments/Shout outs


Create a ‘compliments box’ for your staff room, classroom or team, and encourage people to leave little compliments for each other, and make everyone’s day!

Get active online


Support the campaign by sharing videos, photos and selfies of your organisation getting involved in Pink Shirt Day with #pinkshirtdaynz. Download our Pink Shirt Day logo for your profile pic.

Hold a fundraiser


It’s a huge boost to our campaign when people fundraise to support Pink Shirt Day. Hold a pink-themed bake sale or have a mufti day or casual Friday with a gold coin donation. Order your free Pink Shirt Day Event Pack with collection bucket stickers, posters, etc.

Pink Shirt Day school awards


Recognise students (and teachers!) who express the values of Pink Shirt Day. Order a free School Awards Pack of awards certificates and Pink Shirt Day badges or print out the certificate and awards guide from the Swag page.

“Effective bullying prevention involves the whole school community staff, students, parents and whanau. It means having well-planned responses in place for when bullying does occur.”

Mike Williams

Secondary Principals' Association of New Zealand (SPANZ).