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Register for Pink Shirt Day 2019 to stay updated on the upcoming campaign and how to prevent bullying and celebrate diversity all year long.

Pink Shirt Day is more than a day, it’s a movement. We’ve included ideas for how to prevent bullying on Pink Shirt Day and beyond the day in our 2018 toolkits.

Pink Shirt Day is a reminder that small actions lead to larger actions that create positive change where we live, work and play.

Choose any activity from the list below and you’ll help make your school, workplace and community more welcoming for everyone and free from bullying. You can find more ideas and inspiration inside our toolkits to help you make the most of your Pink Shirt Day.

Sea of pink

Sea of Pink

Deck out your school or organisation in pink to visually show you are committed to stopping bullying. Go op-shopping for pink clothes, order your own official Mr Vintage t-shirt (coming soon) or download our free Pink Shirt Day stencil to create your own! 

Spread the love!

Spread the love

Create a 'compliments box' for your classroom or workplace and encourage people to leave compliments for each other. Or order some compliments stickers from our online shop and hand them out to brighten everyone's day.

Hold a pink event

Hold a pink event

An event is a great way to get the whole school, workplace or community involved! Download our free resources, and soon you’ll be able to order your free Pink Shirt Day Event Pack with posters and balloons!

Hold a fundraiser

Hold a fundraiser

It’s a huge boost to our campaign when people fundraise to support Pink Shirt Day. Why not hold a mufti-day or casual Friday with a gold coin donation? Download our sticker labels to pop on a bucket, envelope or ice cream container to collect donations!

Start the conversation


When people get to know each other, they are more likely to embrace and celebrate their differences and similarities. Organise a morning tea, download and print our conversation starter cards, and use the event poster to promote the day!

Celebrate our rainbow communities

Celebrate our rainbow communities

Have rainbow stickers/flags to show your school or organisation is safe, welcoming and respectful of people who identify as LGBTQIA+, their families and whānau.

Pink Shirt Day school awards

School Awards 2

Recognise students and staff who express the values of Pink Shirt Day by printing and giving out our School Awards Pack.

Pledge your support

Pledge your support

Create a pledge where everyone (students, employees, community members, parents, teachers) can add their name and commitment to creating a bullying-free environment. Display it and share it!

“Being a part of a national movement towards positive change is such a powerful feeling. That we are all working towards making young people feel good about who they are, right across New Zealand.”

Pink Shirt Day participant