International websites


An Australian online mental health organisation for young people and their parents. Their practical support, tools and tips to help young people get through anything from everyday issues to tough times. 

Stop Bullying, US

A federal government website managed by the US Department of Health & Human Services; includes section on why they don’t use the word “bully” to label kids.

Bullying No Way, AUS

Website managed by the Safe and Supportive School Communities Working Group. Members work together to create learning environments where every student and school community member is safe, supported, respected and valued.

Ken Rigby, AUS

Over the last 25 years Professor Ken Rigby has been a national consultant for schools and a leading international authority in bullying and victimisation in schools. 

“Being a part of a national movement towards positive change is such a powerful feeling. We're all working towards making young people feel good about who they are, right across Aotearoa.”

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