The facts

Facts and statistics from the Student and Teacher Pink Shirt Day 2018 Toolkits

About bullying

Definition of bullying, harmful effects and targets of bullying. 

Bullying statistics

Statistics on bullying of young people. 

Facts and statistics from the Workplace Pink Shirt Day 2017 Toolkit 

About workplace bullying

Facts and statistics on bullying in the New Zealand workplace. 

Information about bullying, resources and where to get help

Getting help and advice – for young people

Helplines and organisations for young people to find useful advice and support.

Getting help and advice – in the workplace

Helplines and organisations for employees to find useful advice and support. 

Pamphlets, websites and social media

Facebook links for Pink Shirt Day and other anti-bullying organisations.

Information for teachers and educational resources

Programmes available for New Zealand schools and information for teachers who want to learn more about bullying.

Research: bullying and its impact

A range peer-reviewed, published articles from New Zealand and overseas.

Research: what can we do to prevent bullying?

International literature on the prevention of bullying.

International websites

Anti-bullying websites from the UK, US and Australia.

“Being a part of a national movement towards positive change is such a powerful feeling. That we are all working towards making young people feel good about who they are, right across New Zealand.”

Pink Shirt Day participant